Saturday, 30 May 2020

The Tempest - a synthesiser based on RA Penfold's designs in 'Electronic Synthesiser Construction' (1986)

In 2012 I spent three months in Brooklyn taking the Tech Mentoring Program at The Analog Lab, NYC. The Tempest was a mono synth based on the designs in RA Penfold's 1986 book, 'Electronic Synthesiser Construction'. It was completed for my final project. Hurricane Sandy hit New York during my stay hence the name.

The faceplate was lasercut at the Hack Manhattan maker space. The enclosure is an old ammo box, sand-blasted and resprayed at the now defunct 3rd Ward artist and maker community; where the knobs were also made which are cast resin. I was going for a 'lab test equipment' or a 50s 'atom punk' aesthetic.

Unfortunately The Tempest never survived the journey back to the UK and I have no audio recordings or video footage of it in use.

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